Footer- change color



Is it possible to change the color of the fonts in the footer in Excel? I
can't seem to change it. Looks like there's only one color - black, I want
to change it into something else. In word document, you can. Help!



Gord Dibben

Which version of Excel.

In 2007 you can format the footer text color.


Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP




This is kind of a roundabout way of doing it, but you can color the footer
text by doing the following.

1. Write the text you want in the footer in a cell in Excel. Format it the
way you want to.

2. Copy the cell and paste it into a PowerPoint document.

3. Right-click onto the newly pasted text and click on Save as Picture then
save it

4. Go back to your Excel document and go to View > Header and Footer >
click on the Custom Footer button and click on the picture button (second
button from the right) after you click in the section you want it in (left,
center or right).

5. Click on where you saved the image of the footer

The footer is now colored text.

Hope this helps!

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