Fonts ending in 'CompositeFont' were removed and won't reinstall


Chuck M

I'm running XP Pro. For reasons I won't go into (other than admitting I was
stupid), I dragged some fonts from my Windows/Fonts folder to my desktop.
Most fonts allow me to do this and then I can drag them back. That's not true
for "GlobalMonospace.CompositeFont," "GlobalSansSerif.CompositeFont",
"GlobalSerif.CompositeFont", and "GlobalUserInterface.CompositeFont". When I
try to drag them back to Windows/Fonts, I get the message: "Unable to install
the font - File "GlobalSansSerif.CompositeFont" is either invalid or
damaged." The problems has caused are that typihg in the body of an Outlook
email, as well as "Notes" text in Outlook Tasks and Contacts, comes out
EXTREMELY small. It still claims to be Arial 10 pt (and it still looks that
way to the email recipient), but it displays on my screen more like 6 pts. or
less. In existing forum posts, I keep seeing installation instructions using
Control Panel / Fonts / File / Install New Fonts / etc. But, that doesn’t
work for me because no fonts appear in "List of fonts" window. Could that be
because all of the ones I want end in "*.CompositeFont" instead of the more
typical font extensions? I'm really stuck and would appreciate any help
anyone can offer? Thanks.

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