Font Color changes mysteriously


Joel Chip

In word I highlite and change the size of the font of a sentence to over 12
and also change the color to Blue. Then If I simply scroll the page up to
where the sentence disappears under the tool bar it changes it to red!
However, the color stated on the font is still blue and so is the description
in the style tab as well.

However, If I keep the font at 12 or under this does not happen!

Any ideas??

Joel Chip

Hi Susan, I am sorry if I am doing something wrong. i am new to these type of
blogs. I truly want my question answered. Maybe you can also help me
understand how to post properly so i dont create and "spam" issues. thanks.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Post once per newsgroup, then wait patiently for an answer. You can reply to
that answer, but keep all discussion in the same thread (don't start a new
one on the same subject). Conversely, don't introduce new topics in the
original thread; a question on a different topic should start a new thread.

Preferably post to only one newsgroup. If you truly feel that more than one
NG will be appropriate, cross-post (by putting all the NG names in the
header of a single post) instead of multi-posting. See

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