Font and fontsize - in Document Map




Is there a way to change the Font type and
the Font Size of the contents of a
particular section of Windows 2007
document by selecting the particular
section name alone in the document map
and doing the font/fontsize change, instead of
going to that particular section and
doing the font / font size change by
selection of the particular complete section ?

I do not find it .
Should i need to enable any specific setting ?

I think, this feature of chaning the font
and font size of the contents of particular section
by right-click over that particular section name
in the document map should be added to
Windows Word as it will bring in more user

Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru

Stefan Blom

The idea of the document map is not that it should be used for editing. What
you can do is click a paragraph in the document map to go to that paragraph
in the text. Then you can format the text as desired.

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