folders not showing



windows 2000 pro, office 2003.
End user has excel files stored deep inside my docs folder.
If he tries to open it via excel > file > open, The folder does not show up.
only the excel files at that level show, no folders.
If he opens it by browsing through my docs or my computer not inside excel,,
no problems at all?
Is there a depth limit on how deep a path through excel can look? 10 levels
any help would be appreciated, TIA


unfortunately I am sure the folder doesn't show, that is one of the first
things I checked... Thanks for the try!

Dave Peterson

There was a length restriction in path's back in the old DOS days. Maybe it
still exists in Win2k????

If the end user does File|Open, then types in:
In the file to open box, do the folders appear?

If yes, then it sounds like you may be hitting a limit.

He/she could even try:
(as the file name to back up one level)

Doing that a few times may see where the length becomes a problem.

I use winXP home, so I didn't take the time to build a deep directory tree to
test this.

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