Folder Redirection Stopped Working w/ New XP Machines




I just got deploying a bunch of Dell Windows XP desktops. I have Folder
Redirection configured in W2K Group Policy for the My Documents folder, with
the folders being redirected to our NAS server. I configured the shared
folders on the NAS by following Microsoft Article ID 274443: "How to
dynamically create security-enhanced redirected folders by using folder
redirection in Windows 2000 and in Windows Server 2003." This basically
allows the user's redirected folder to be automatically created on the NAS
the first time they log in.

This worked perfectly fine on all of our Windows 2000 machines. However,
since moving to Windows XP, Folder Redirection is not working for new users
(those whose folders haven't been redirected yet). The XP clients have a
message in the event log stating that "Access is Denied" when Folder
Redirection trying moving the folders from the client machine to the network
folder. If I create a new user and try this on a Windows 2000 machine, it
works perfectly fine.

Any ideas?


Are these XP Pro? Did you successfully join them to the domain? Are the
users logging into their domain accounts (vs local accounts)? Also, folder
redirection GPOs require two logons (just logon, log off, and back on) to be
fully read and applied.



Hi Kurt,

These are XP Pro machines and they are joined to the domain successfully.
Users are logging into the domain. The PCs are accepting other Group Policies
with no problems, and the folder redirection is trying to work, its just that
the dynamic creation of the folders is being denied. I've tried logging in
multiple times, and that doesn't seem to make a difference. For whatever
reason, it works fine on Windows 2000 machines.

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