folder permissions screw-up



In the process of trying to get one of my misbehaving programs (an SSH
client) to work properly, I went in and started screwing around with my
C:\Users\bread (my PC name) folder to try to gain better access to it. In the
idiotic and panicked events that followed I screwed up the
security/permission settings. And, well, since then things just aren't acting
quite right--specifically, programs are telling me they're having trouble
accessing things in the "bread" folder.

Specifically, I did several variations of checking the "Include inheritable
permissions from this object's parent" box AND/OR the "Replace all existing
inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from
this object" box. I also added and removed some user entries, though only the
ones that were there when I started, I believe (they are bread-PC, System,
and Administrators).

Currently bread, System, and Administrators are the three permission entries
for the folder. They are all designated as "full control" (except "special

Is there any way to reverse the damage or to at least restore the
permissions to their default settings so things don't get worse? Any other
advice? Christ, what have I done.........?



To have a reference for what MS thinks they should be you might consider
creating a new account. You could then compare the settings to your current
account. Depending on how badly your have adjusted your security setting you
might need to dump the old account and use the new one. (better than a
(don't forget the hidden/system folders)

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