folder permissions changing themselves?



Hello all, I'm a new face to this group. A bit about myself and my
current situation: I work for a small company that makes 2 to 8 user
computer networks to run point-of-sale software. We currently use
pre-fab Dell boxes (shudder) and windows XP pro to run our home-brew
software. We moved from Windows 2000 to XP pro about 3 weeks ago, and
I've run into a bit of a problem.

Our software requires that all stations have full access to a folder on
the server box, to centralize all the data in one place. Easy enough
to set up with advanced file sharing, but the proplem we're having is
that the folder on the server will suddenly unshare itself and turn all
the files in the directory read-only. There doesn't seem to be any
regular time interval or stimulus to cause it to happen...sometimes the
system will run fine for days, and earlier today we saw one change 20
minutes after we had re-shared it from the last time. Any help with
this would be greatly appreciated, as I am, well, completely confused.


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