Floating Bar chart with multiple series



I have duration data for server backups. There are
multiple backup threads for each server, and in many
cases, the backup threads' times overlap. The result is
a list that looks like this:
Server: Start End
Server1 10:00 10:15
Server2 10:30 10:35
Server3 10:30 10:40
Server1 11:00 11:15
Server1 11:05 11:20

I need to show all of the times for each server (see
Server1) on a single bar. A floating bar chart using
start and elapsed times gets me close, but I end up with
a separate bar for each occurrence of Server1 in the
list. If I can get them all on 1 bar, I can make
the "gap" between end of one thread and start of the next
transparent to give me what I want - I just can't figure
out how to get them on the same bar.

Thanks for any help offered.



Jon Peltier

Mike -

Arrange your data like this:

Server: Start1 End1 Start2 End 2
Server1 10:00 10:15 11:00 11:15
Server2 10:30 10:35 11:05 11:20
Server3 10:30 10:40

And actually, you need to convert all but the first to elapsed times:

Server: Start1 End1 Start2 End 2
Server1 10:00 0:15 0:45 0:15
Server2 10:30 0:05 0:30 0:15
Server3 10:30 0:10

Make your stacked bar chart with this data. Format all of the series
named StartX to be invisible (no border, no fill).

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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