Flip 3D is not working


Gjert Stensrud

I am not able to start the Flip 3D effect.
According to Windows Help and Support I am supposed to get all your open
windows stacked on top of each other by pressing ALT + Windows key. And I
have read somewhere else that you are supposed to use Ctrl + Windows key +

What is correct, and do I have to do something to activate the Flip 3D
effect first?


Jimmy Brush


Flip3D is activated by pressing CTRL, Windows Key, and Tab at the same time.

Flip3D is only available if you are running "glass", which means you have a
recent video card and a fairly decent computer.

If the title and borders around your windows are gray instead of
transparent, then your system is unable to do Flip3D.

- JB

Gjert Stensrud

Strange. For some reason the glass effect seem a bit ustable on my computer.
Sometimes the title and borders are transparent, and sometimes ther're grey.
I guess they must have been grey when I have tried this earlier, because
this time the Flip 3D effect worked.

Thanks for your answer.



Vista shuts down some visual effects when certain of my programs are
running. Initially warned about doing this.

Colin Barnhorst

Some programs are not well-behaved in Glass, so the system gives you a
better experience by switching off the effects.

Tom Scales

You only have to press CTRL if you want to 'lock' Flip3D and then tab
through them. You can use Windows + Tab to cycle through them and when you
let go it closes it.

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