Flicker on redrawing


David Glover

Hi all,

I have finally gotten around to starting my slider control (various
other matters demanded attention this week :/). I have not as yet
dealt with the stuff like positioning the elipse in the centre of the
point where the user clicked and such. I have instead decided to head
for what I initially thought was goingto be a problem.... and it is!

When I called this.Invalidate(), the drawing of the control became
"flickery" when the mouse moved. I have partially removed this by
adding some logic to calculate the area which needs to be refreshed
(from the last position of the slider to the new position). This
removed much of the flicker, however there was still a considerable
ammount on the actual object which is moved around (a simple elipse at
the moment, however this may end up being something which looks

My next idea was to draw to a bitmap and then do one call of
graphicsInstance.drawImage(...) however this is still leaving me with
lots of flicker around the elipse. The flickering is also occuring on
the actual PPC device and not just the emulator.

What would be the best way to proceed?

Many thanks,



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