Flash drive not recongnized!


Yank Upstart
Aug 30, 2004
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heres a small but annoying problem, my bros computer doesnt want to recognize (and wont show) my usb Flash drive as being there. normally most computers recognie it. he is using microsoft ME OS, is this the reason? and if it is, how can i fix it? Also i says it loads up any info needed to use it, but it doesent show up in my computer or any wheres else. any insight?


Feb 6, 2003
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check out the specifications of the usb drive to see if it works on ME.

I must admit I am a massive hater of that operationg system it had the word S*** written all over it from the moment I saw it!
I reccomend either downgrading to windows 2000 which i beleive the most stable windows so far or going up to windows xp.

but like i said see the specifications of the usb drive to determine the problem my old mucker!

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