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Tom K

I've upgraded to Outlook 2007 now that I'm running Win7. Under Outlook 2003 I
had a rule that placed a colored vertical strip on incoming messages
dependent upon the sender. Specifically, the rule read "flag message with a
colored flag." I could use different colors to flag messages from different
groups (e.g. family contacts, work contacts, etc.)

That doesn't seem to be available in the rules options in Outlook 2007. Does
anyone know how I can do a workaround?



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Outlook 2007 replaced the colored flags with color categories. You can also
use automatic formatting with views.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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I used to find the coloured flgs very useful in OL 2003, and I had my sent
items grouped by them.
I am having trouble with the new system - probably just haven't figured out
the new logic - it doesn't seem intuitive and the help is not much use.
Using the keyboard: I would click the context menu button, U (follow up),
and then the colour I want.
The new flags allow a similar process, but they are all nearly the same
colour, I can't seem to get them to group by the status (this week, next
week, etc), and when I right click to check what their status is as it's not
visiblt from looking at the flags, it always seems to say "today" even if
I've selected a different option.
Checking the flag status requires use of the mouse rather than allowing one
to use one's eyes or keyboard.
It seems to me that the new flags simply become a double up for categories,
as without a category, the flag is meaningless without right-clicking to see
what it's flagged AS, and once one has a category, the flag is irrelevant.

I'll be delighted to find I can get good use out of the new version, as I
used to find it easy and useful, and now, I find it difficult and redundant.




What I've come up with is: the insert button sets the quick-click - good.
To group by different priority, I use the Follow Up Flag column. This can be
done by Context menu key, U, C, then type a number for priority.
It's not as visual as the coloured flags, but workable without confusing
priorities with categories.

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