first macro problem



I just added a new Date field 'LastUpdated' to a table 'Contacts'.

I have a form also called 'Contacts' that allows data to be entered.
The control for LastUpdated is on the 2nd page of a Tab control.
I created the macro using the macro builder as follows:

Action: SetValue
Item: [Forms]![Contacts]![LastUpdated]
Expression: Now()

When I change an item on the form, the LastUpdated control seems
to get modified, but if I try to use the navigation button to advance
the next record, it won't move. Then, when I try to close the form,
I get an error saying

You can't save the record at this time
Access may have encountered an error....if you close this
object now, the data changes you made will be lost.

I go ahead and close it anyway, but the data does seem as though
it was updated okay (i.e., the next time I open the form and look at
the record, or if I look at it in table datasheet mode).

This seems like it should be straightforward. Can anyone give me an
idea of what might be happening?



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