firewall exception has no name


Les Caudle

I added an exception (for a .NET app I'm writing) to the SP2 firewall when it
popped up and asked me.

The problem is that when looking at my exceptioins tab in Windows Firewall - I
can see the exception, but it has no name, just a checkbox.

How can I name these un-named exceptions?



MowGreen [MVP]


For XP SP2, try this : Open Windows Firewall in Control Panel. Click the
Exceptions tab. Delete the unnamed exception by clicking on it and then
the Delete button. Click the Add Program button and then the Browse button.
In the Files of type dropdown window click the down arrow and set it to
All Files if the .Net app is not an .exe, .com, or .icd. ( if it is one
of those extensions than Browse to it and Add it without clicking the
down arrow). Then Browse to the app and select it.

MowGreen [MVP 2004-2005]
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David Beder [MSFT]

you can't change the name in the control panel but you can change it at the
command line.
try this:
1) launch the firewall control panel, select the exception and click the
edit button.
2) on the resulting edit dialog, note the path of the application, then
close down the control panel
3) at a command prompt type:
netsh firewall set allowedprogram program=<the path you got from the UI>
name=<the name you want>
4) launch the control panel again and verify everything looks good