Firewall Driver (mdsdrv.sys)



I have problem in my Windows firewall Home Premium and it seems my Windows
Firewall Authorization Driver (mdsdrv.sys) is missing under Device Manager
(View>Show hidden devices>Devices by connection), I think this is the one
causing the WF in not being started under services. Where and how to
reinstall this driver? Already did the sfc /scannow and no error reported.
Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


Hello Jepoi,

Doesn't hurt to try the links in safe mode (F-8).

The symptoms you describe indicate that a malware known as
Vundo\Virtumonde is resident. Using Internet Explorer, have the system
scanned here: <>

Several posters in this newsgroup have reported that the malware was
successfully removed using the above scanner.

You can use Google to find it if the OneCare scan doesn't remove it.

Others have used Superantispyware and/or Malwarebytes Antimalware to remove
the malware.

There is a free version (on demand scanning only), the paid for version
includes active monitoring, similar to Windows defender:

Also free, Malwarebytes Antimalware <>

Good luck


Hi Engel thanks for the reply I scanned it with Onecare Safety scanner,
Malwarebytes Antimalware, AVG antivirus, and Spyware Doctor and all reported
no infections found. Also I don't found any abnormal behavior in my system.

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