Finding Used time for Payroll



I have a payroll sheet which consists of 14 days Sat-Fri and three

ET | USED | BAL | ET | Used | Bal |

First some setup:

ET (earned time) is populated only when the date cell is the first of
the month, otherwise ET = 0

Used is only filled in when a person is using time

Balance = Balance - used + ET

If a person uses 8 hours of time in the 14 days, balance would be -8
in all 14 balance cells.

Here's what's stumping me
I have another sheet which displays Time used during the pay period.

IF ET is populated on my spreadsheet I want to display the balance in
the cell to the left for example:

Date Date
ET|USED|Bal | ET | USED | Bal
-8 10

The formula would go into a cell and it would have to evaluate whether
ET was <> 0 and then if that was the case the cell would get populated
with whatever was in the LEFT balance cell. I am totally stumped

Thanks for your help




Your requirement is not clear...

You need something like;

Where B2 is the cell you want to check for non-zero value. Replace C2 by the
cell which contains the value you want to put if ET<>0.

You may send the file to me showing me what you want.

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