Finding Last Entry in a Column


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Can anyone help. I've got a stock control spreadsheet where a new row is
entered when the stock position changes. Column D has the stock position.

Below the row showing the latest stock position are empty rows for future

At the bottom of the table, below the empty rows, is a cell in Column D
where I want to report the latest stock figure.

Is there a way to do it that isn't upset by those empty cells.

Sample data and outcome would typically look like

Day 1 25
Day 2 33
Day 3 11
<empty> <empty>
<empty> <empty>
<empty> <empty>

Curr Stock 11




RFJ email

Excellent - thanks Ron - worked first time :)

Ron Rosenfeld said:
Assuming your Curr Stock formula is in row 8.

D8: =LOOKUP(2,1/ISNUMBER($D$1:D7),$D$1:D7)

Note the absolute reference to D1 and the relative reference to D7
When you insert rows, the references will adjust appropriately, and should
give the correct answer even before you enter data above. In other words,
the formula is not dependent on the number of blank lines between your
data and the formula.

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