Finding all elements in a database


Lady Success

I have a worksheet where the user enters a state abbreviation in B1 (i.e. UT)
in a query sheet. I want to find the associated state information located in
another sheet in the same workbook.

The query worksheet would look like this:
A1 B1 C1 D1
List state abbrev ut Available Plan 1 Available Plan 2

The database looks like this:
Abbreviation State_Name Available Plan 1 Available Plan 2
AK ALASKA Choice Value
AL ALABAMA Premier Protect
UT ARKANSAS Choice Value

I want C2 to show "Choice" and D2 to show "Value".

Any help would be appreciated.


Jacob Skaria

Assuming you have you data in Sheet2; in Sheet1 C1 use the below formula.
Please change the data rows to suit your requirment. I have taken this as 20.

copy the same to D1

Alternatively you can use VLOOKUP()

Sheet1 C1

Sheet1 D1

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