Finding a sum by matching two cells with the same identifier




First, thanks for taking a look.

I have a spreadsheet that has dates in Column A beginning on Row 3. The
date is lised in this format: Nov-08

In Row 1, beginning in Column B, our several other dates all listed by month
beginning with this month and ending 36 months in the past (goes back 1 month
in each cell). These dates are all listed in the same format (i.e. Apr-09).
Cell B1 has Apr-09 while cell C1 has Mar-09, etc.

In row 3 - beginning in Column B I will have numbers (dollar figures) below
each date in Row 1.

I need to match the date in Column A, row 3 (example: Nov-08) to the same
date in Row 1 (in this example it would end up being G1 (Nov-08). I need a
formula that tells my sum to only include data to the left of Nov-08 in row 1
because it matches the data in A3. There will be data entered in Columns H -
Z but I only want my sum to include those amounts in Columns B-H (based on
the matching dates).

Column A Column D Column E Column F Column G
Column H
Feb-09 Jan-09 Dec-08
Nov-08 Oct-08
Nov-08 $5 $10 $7
$5 $15

The sum I am hoping to get (in AA3) to be $27 (Columns D - G -- Not H).

In row 4 I will have a different date (like Jan-09) and new dollar amounts.
The formula will adjust the sum based on the matching dates.


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