Find cursor position relative to extents of a picture

Mar 30, 2009
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Hi forum members:

It's my first post here, and yeah I need help with something.. really hope one of ya will be willing to demonstrate great geek generosity to moi. :)

I'm trying to create a macro that will return the coordinates of the point clicked on the picture relative to the extents of the picture edges. In other words, when i click on the picture it will compare the current cursor position (not cell position) with the position of the edges of the picture and give me back a consistent relative position to the picture.

I need this as for work purposes I need to figure out how to click on a map of something and have it give me the coordinates of the point on the map that was clicked on.

I've seen some code that can use the edges of charts as position data, but not for picture edges. Is there such a thing available?

Anyone able to help me out? :)

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