Find cell with duplicates




I have a worksheet(1) with a lot of data in column B. In this dat
duplicates exist. I have another worksheet(2) (a copy of worksheet(1)
on which the user can add rows and data in column B. I have some cod
(see below) to copy values from column P of worksheet(2) to column F o
The only problem is there are duplicates in column B of worksheet(1)
So by using the code below it allways gets the first duplicate an
that's not how it should go.
Can someone help me change the code so it will find the righ
duplicate? Thanks in advance!

For Each cell In Sheets("Begroting WVB Won").Range("B12:B242")
myvalue = cell.Offset(0, 14).Value
Set myCell = Worksheets("Totaaloverzicht Won").Range("B:B").Find _
myCell(1, 5).Value = myvalue
Next cel



The easiest way to get something like this to work would be to have another
reference that you can double check. It could be a simple incrementation (ie
in one column you have 1, 2 ,3 ... till the end). You could then have it
search for your cell and if the increment number is correct do whatever
modifications you want. Or if there is some other data you can use that
could also work.



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