Find cell and paste data



I have the following code, broken :blush:(

What I am trying to do is if the date in A1 is in column F, select the cell
one to the right to the one with the date. Into this cell paste the value
from K1

Thanks Blue

Sub finddate()

Dim entereddate As Date
entereddate = Range("A1").Value

Dim founddate As String

Dim sqm As Long
sqm = Range("K1").Value

Dim column As Range, finddate As Range
Set column = Range("F:F")
For Each finddate In column
If finddate.Value = entereddate Then finddate.Select

Next finddate

Cells(ActiveCell.Row, ActiveCell.column + 1).Select
founddate = ActiveCell.Address



End Sub

Don Guillett

Your code is a lot more complicated than it need be. Try to get rid of the
selections and have a look at OFFSET(0,1) for one cell to the right.

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