Find and match text and return column and row reference

Oct 8, 2012
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Hi - First time poster and a bit of a novice with Excel.

I have a table of data within cells C3:Q4394 on sheet 1. In sheet 2, I have names. Those names appear scattered throughout the table in sheet 1.

I was wondering if a formula or code could be written to search the table and provide each cell address of the names which match. There could be more than one instance of a name in different cell addresses.

So if, for example, "Joe" was within the table the code/formula would enter, in the cell next to the name on sheet 2, which locations it was found.

If it was not too complex, instead of calling the precise cell address such as "C50" if the column C had a heading such as "area 1" and 50 had a row number such as "35" would there be a way to return the matched name "Joe" with "Area 1 35"? Column D would be area 2 and so on.

I am not even sure it is possible, or if I have explained it well enough.:confused:

Thanks for any help.

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