Filtering this bound form?? how??



Hello, I have a bound form that is bound to a table called STUDENTS. On
this form, frmStudentFilter I have:
STUDENTCLASS: recorded as 1,2,3,4

What I want to do is this, put a button on the form thzat says
filter....when this is prerssed a popup dialog box opens with a optiongroup
and radiobuttons that say ALL, CLASS, GENDER, STATE

Besides the CLASS, GENDER, AND STATE, I want to put combo boxes so for
example if they select the radiobutton GENDER THEY CAN THEN CHOOSE either
Male or female from the list in the combobox. When they do this and select
a button called OK, my frmStudentFilter form would then show students
filtered for that selection.

How would I accomplish something like this?





Albert D. Kallal

This feature is built into ms-access.

While in the form, Just go:

Records->Filter->Filter by form

You will then be able to enter any values into those fields. this feature
is commonly know as

filter by form

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