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OK, I'll try to explain. We are putting a GPO in place for our Citrix
servers. It contains Computer Configurations, and User (for folder
redirection and script launching). We have about 800 people who will
be using these citrix servers off and on (not always on citrix). So, I
made a Citrix OU that contains the servers, and then we have an
EndUser OU that contains all of our users. I linked the new GPO to
both those places, and the Computer Configuration only applys to the
Citrix servers in that OU like we want. But I need the user
configuration settings to be ignored if the user is not logging onto
one of those citrix servers. So the only thing I can think of is using
a WMI filter, but looking through Microsofts site I cant find any WMI
information that is useful in filtering out whether the user logged
into a station or citrix server.
Any ideas?

Gary J. Griffin [MSFT]


Thanks for writing in.

It sounds as if this scenario calls for Group Policy Loopback Processing.
This will allow you to configure user settings at the OU in which the
machines reside. When a user logs onto a machine in that OU, they get the
user configurations for that machine only. When not logging onto one of
these machines, specifically, you will not get the user settings.

More information can be found in this article:
231287 Loopback Processing of Group Policy


260370 How to Apply Group Policy Objects to Terminal Services Servers

Hope this helps!

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