filtering not applied



We have a test gpo on an OU applied to a XP workstations that contains
COmputer and User settings. Under the User Configuration\Administrative
Templates\System\CtRL+ALT+DEL "Remove Task manager" we enabled on the GPO,
but it is not being applied to the computer/user. After running GpResult, I
recieve the following message from the details I believe is the problem:

"The following GPOs were not applied because there were filtered out"
Local Group Policy
Filtering: Not Applied (Empty)

Is this the culprit and can I fix or how do I fix it.


Steven L Umbach

That message just means that there is no configuration [hence empty] for
"Local Group Policy" , probably for user configuration. The computers and
user that you want to apply the policy to must be in that OU structure and
that should be shown with gpresult along with the location in Active
Directory for them. If that is the case and gpresult does not show Group
Policy applied for that OU yet, then possibly it has not propagated yet.
Gpudate /force can speed up the Group Policy to be applied to XP Pro
computers. Also keep in mind that dns configuration for the domain must be
correct or Group Policy problems will result. The support tools gpotool,
netdiag, and dcdiag [for domain controllers only] can be extremely helpful
in checking out dns and Group Policy problems. --- Steve;en-us;291382 --- this
is how dns must be configured.

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