Filtering an Excel Report



I save reports from Medical Mgr onto a UNIX server from which I then import
into Excel. Most reports I can format & even do pivot reports. However, some
of the reports are as follows:

Ref # Name/Address Phone Numbers ID Numbers Referrals
1 Doctor's Name Phone: ID1: PTD:
Street Address Fax: ID2:
City, State, Zip Other: ID3:

The report contains over 3000 doctors. I want to be able to have the
following columns:

Ref # Name Address City, State, Zip ID1: ID2: ID3:

How do I get the various rows into the proper columns? And, most
importantly, that the info pertains to the proper doctor? I know that it can
be done because our back office in India does it but so far will not share
the directions with me. I just received another report with the above
columns with filter dropdowns. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Separating text into separate columns isn't some kind of secret. Just
go to Data > Text To Columns to split the doctor names and addresses
into separate columns.


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