Filter tabular form by combo box

Jun 7, 2012
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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any help.

I have a tabular form called "Bulk Update" showing the following fields from my "Inventory" table

New Reference
New Date
Previous Reference
Previous Date
Previous Review

*The "Name" field is not the key but doesn't have any duplicates. The "New Reference" field has loads of duplicate entries and I would like to filter the tabular form to show only the records where the New Reference matches what is selected from the combo box

I have a combo box called "combo16" with the following Row Source:

SELECT Inventory.ID, Inventory.[New Reference] FROM Inventory WHERE (((Inventory.[New Reference])>1));

I've tried the following but it hasn't worked, all I get is a blank form!

Private Sub Combo16_AfterUpdate()

If IsNull(Me.Combo16) Then 'Remove the filter
Me.Filter = vbNullString
Me.FilterOn = False
Me.Filter = "[New Reference] = " & Me.Combo16
Me.FilterOn = True
End If
End Sub

Any help would be great.

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