Fill inside of paragraph border with color?


The Hun

Using Word 2002
After clicking on "paragraph border," making a rectangle across the
page, how do we completely fill it with color? The only way I've been
able to do it is by Left Justifying the text, then setting a tab to the
far right end, and doing a Ctrl-Shift / Left Cursor to highlight as
much of the box as possible. I then changed the font to white. The
problem is that the color doesn't completely fill-in the whole box;
there's a narrow chunkleft un-dilled on both ends.

If you've been able to make sense of what I tried to explain, then
you're a genious.



The hun,
Click in your paragraph, no need to select it. Activate the borders and
tables toolbar, click on the listarrow next to the paintbucket tool (Fill
color it is called I think), choose your color. Done.
If I have misunderstood the question, post back.

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