Files in Quarantine Folder



Sry, Im not very good in english.
But I have a really big problem and I would be sooo
thankful if someone could help me!
Microsoft Antispyware found a spyware thread on my PC and
wanted to remove it. But then it removed also one of my
Folders, in which I had many very important files!!! When I
open MS AntiSpyware and he shows me all Spyware Threads in
the Quarantine, it is not in, so I cant unquarantine
them... But in the Microsoft AntiSpyware Quarantine-Folder
(C:/Program Files/Microsoft Antispyware/Quarantine) there
are hundreds of files, with filesize 5-10 MB but together
they are as big as my files were, before they were
deleted... How can I get them back?! THX



Bill Sanderson

Go to tools, spyware scan, manage spyware quarantine.

Leave the machine sitting at this screen. Leave it for a good long
time--perhaps overnight would be good. I don't have a lot of information on
this issue to go by, but at least two responses, I believe, have reported
that this process can take hours.

When/if you recover those files:

MOVE THEM to a different location--perhaps, My Music. Do this immediately,
before restarting your system. If you have enough space, copy some or all
of them, rather than moving.

I would like to know two things, if possible:
1) Did you recover the files from quarantine?
2) after the next reboot, were the files which you left in their original
locations (the copies) still there?

Don't worry too much about getting back to me, but if you can, I'd be


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