Files always opens in read-only mode



Word 2007 and Windows 7.

I have a file called v1.doc that was previously involved in a situation
where while I was editing it Word went into a loop and after waiting half an
hour I had to terminate Word using the task manager.

When I reopened v1.doc Word appears to have recovered the file properly but
at the top of the window where the file name is shown, there is now the text

When I attempt to save the file Word tells me that since the current file is
read-only I have to give the file a new nane which I do: v2.doc and Word

When I open v2.doc I expected the read-only attribute to be gone since the
new name had been supplied. However file v2.doc has the same "read-only" note
at the top.

Saving (using save as) v2.doc as v3.doc continues the same process.

I cannot get rid of the readonly and thus every edit requires a new version
of the file.

If one checks the file properties in Windows Explorer the read only
attribute is NOT set.

Please help



Graham, thanks for your response.

I read your reference carefully. Unfortunately all of your illustrations for
search use "Windows Explorer" from versions of Windows prior to Windows 7. I
have not been able to figure out how to do those same searches in Windows 7.
For example the ~ character is ignored when you search by filename in the
Windows 7 version of "Windows Explorer" . Also the filename search does not
understand wildcards at all well. If you set yourself at c: and search by
filename with the string ~* the search returns EVERY file on c:

Thus all of the instructions for finding the left-over files do not work
using windows explorer in Windows 7.

As for using the cmd tool as shown at the end of your document...

I built the text (hopefully correct for Windows 7 folder structure) and
replaced the DEL commands with DIR commands to see what I would be deleting.
All of them turned up zero (word related) files.

It would be a HUGE help if you had a version of that document that was
Windows 7 and Word 7 specific.

To sum up, no progress in fixing the original problem.

Graham Mayor

I do not currently have access to a PC with Windows 7, so until I do I am
unable to make the changes required to the web page. However in the
meantime, if you look in the Documents folder(s), the Word Startup folder
and the Word UserTemplates folder, you should cover the places where most of
the unwanted temporary files reside. In the case of this particular thread,
it would be the document lock files that could be the problem. You will find
those in the same folder as the documents themselves.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

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