Filenames hidden in Thumbnail view


Rojo Habe

I appear to have hidden all the filenames in the My Pictures folder. The
files all appear as thumbnails but the filename is simply not displayed
underneath them. This applies in both Thumbnail and Filmstrip view; other
views are unaffected. If I copy all the files to a new folder they display
fine but revert to having no filenames visible when moved back the the My
Pictures folder. I've tried resetting the folder options to default, to no

Any ideas how I managed to do this, or how to undo it? Is there a keyboard
shortcut I might have accidentally used?

WinXP Tablet PC Edition 2005 SP3


When viewing pictures in Windows Explorer, if the image file
names are not displayed, when in Thumbnail or Filmstrip view,
you can bring the names back like this:

1. Click the "Views" button.

2. Click once on a different view than the one you are
currently using, then hold the "Shift" key and select
Thumbnails of Filmstrip view. Use the same method to
switch between showing names and not showing names.


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