File Searches: Can I Search for MP3 Files Via a Specific Bitrate?


T. Hulot


With Vista or Windows 7, is it possible to search for mp3 files
specifically by bit rate?

For example, if I wanted to search my hard drive ONLY for mp3 files
that have a bit rate of 320, is it possible?

If so, what is the procedure?

Thank you.


This is a kind of searches people worry about when using Vista. Now you can
see it in your face.

Would business or technical user care for mp3's? Not to mention name itself
is horribly inappropriate - most digital musi cformats today are MP level 4
(not 3), AAC, etc but they still call them mp3 like DB9 plugs/receptacles
are called DB9... which is also a horrible mistake. These are DE9, not DB9,
DB9 is a different shell size, E-size is that people refe to.

So Vista caters to people like this guy: searching music.
This is the last thing Engineers care about.
I am searching for "0x3326234832244AFDD" in files with extension IAM, in a
folder tree containing 320,000 files.
Give it to Vista.

See how it chokes on itself and never finds correct files unlike WIndowsXP
which does find them after SP2/registry patch.
Win2000 finds all without any patches!

9 years later OS became not betterm, but worse with serious search business.
But now it finds music by bitrate!!! Or by date "pictre was taken".
Or X-rated pics by resoltuion.

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