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I created a template a little while ago for WORD 2000. (yes, I still use

When you click to save the document, it offers a filename as the first line
of text of the template which is huge - it is litterally 10 words long.

I deleted this line completely from the template and re-saved the template,
but now when ever you use the template, although the line has gone, when you
goto save the file name is still suggested for you as the 10 word long line.

I cannot fathom out how to change this suggested file name to something more
appropriate, or prevent it from offering a suggestion at all?

Any pointers?

Jay Freedman

- Open the template itself by clicking File > Open and navigating to the
Templates folder.
- Go to File > Properties dialog and delete the text from the Title box
(that's where the suggested filename is coming from). If you want a
different suggestion in all documents based on the template, insert it
there; otherwise leave it blank. Click OK.
- In the body of the template, insert and then delete a character to make
Word understand that the file needs to be saved.
- Save and close the template.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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