file is missing or corrupt.



when i try to boot up my comp it says it cannot load
windows because C:\windows\system32 is missing or
corrupt. i tried the knowledge base and i found something
that says will fix it.. but when i was in the prompt i
couldnt get it to work right. could someone give me a
step by step process to fix my problem.




i'll just assume here that you're using windows XP, ok?
make sure you have your original windows cd with you. boot your pc into might have to go to bios to change this. when the setup screen
comes up, access recovery console, at this point, do NOT try the
repair/reinstall of OS yet. when you arrive at a dos prompt, type in: chkdsk

if the previous step didn't fix you problem, then boot it again from the CD,
and then choose the repair/reinstall windows.

oh, you might want to call up your service vendor for technical support too

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