File inside .zip archive not seen in XP?


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Hi there,

Are there any issues with XP not seeing some files within Zip archives made
on another machine?

The reason I ask is sometimes - although the zip archive is showing the
expected file size - when double-clicking on the zip archive there is no
file to be seen inside?

On checking the machine from which it is sent the file can indeed be seen
and on both computers the archive filesize is identical - in this case
117KB - which would indicate it is not an empty archive.

Richard Urban

I have seen this before.

A couple of years ago, PKZip (the people who invented the whole concept of
zip files) and WinZip went along different path, abandoning any chance for
compatibility between newer versions of their products. Plus, there are many
other products that zip files. Many (most) of them may not, in fact, be
compatible with one another - and many of their concepts may be incompatible
with that which is built into Windows.

You really should have the same program/version on your computer that was
initially used to zip the files. Then, if you have a problem you can
attribute it to a corrupted zip file.


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
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You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!

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