File Handling



I'll try to make this short.
160 GB hard drive
Free Space 56.34 GB
How do you all handle the files you create in WMM?
I made some movies and am unsure what files I can delete. I haven't put them
on DVDs yet.
1. If in WMM I saved a project as a movie, .AVI file, can I delete the
Project files and still write the movie (AVI files) to DVD when I'm ready?

2. If I delete the Clips I made in WMM for this Project, will the AVI file
need to access them? I saved all of these to another hard drive.

3. If I deleted the AVI files off the C drive and choose to use Nero 7 to
create the DVD, is it best to have the files on the C drive of will it also
work if the files are on the External hard drive.


PapaJohn \(MVP\)

if you've saved the movie to the DV-AVI choice, yes you can delete the
source files and the project file that was used.... as long as you don't
expect to go back for another editing session... you can make the DVD from
the saved DV-AVI file, or use it as a source file to make other compressed
choices, or copy it to a digital camcorder tape.

no, the new AVI file is self-contained and complete... you need nothing
else... the rendering process which created it took all the digital info
needed and put it into the new file.

DVD creation isn't a real time process... so having the DV-AVI on your hard
drive or another internal or external drive won't make a difference.

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