file found but not found



I am trying to use a program called FIAT in Windows XP. I can open the
program from CD. Then I browse to find the appropriate input file,
which might have the path name D:\FIAT\practice2.inp. So the program
has clearly found this file. When I then do try to open it, the program
says the file cannot be found. How can this be? On one computer, when I
transfer the file to the 'C' drive, the program can then find it, but
on another computer, at the university, it can't, giving the same 'Not
found' message as I get using the CD. I think the FIAT program was
written in C++ for Windows 95. Any suggestions?



Bernd M. Walter

I do not know that program, but there are some tips, how to make elder
progams run.
Try following:
Copy the whole programm folder and the file which you want to open to
your harddisk. Then, try to open the file again. If there is already no
success, have a look into the program folder which you copied. Find out,
if there are one or more INI files. If yes, open them with a text editor
like notepad and look for entries like folder names. Set them up to your
real environment.

Good luck.


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