File formats for Movie Maker-2



I had some video tapes transferred to DVD by Walgreens. The store said the
file format for the DVDs is "VOB."

(a) I want to take scenes from different DVDs and create a single DVD with
all of them. I was thinking of using MS MovieMaker-2.
(b) I want the newly created DVD to be viewed on a computer as well as a DVD

But in looking at the manual for MovieMaker-2 I find a list of all file
extensions supported. I do not see VOB on the list.

1-Can I use my Walgreen's DVDs with MovieMaker?

2-If not, can you suggest another DVD authoring/editing program that I can
use with my Walgreen's DVD?

Dave Rafky
Miami, FL
(e-mail address removed)

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

check my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > discs page...

you need to convert the vob files on the disc to ones that work in Movie

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