File format conversion problem...I think



Hello all,

I transfered my files (notepad, bookmark html, doc, etc)
from my old PC (with Windows 98) to my new PC (with
Windows XP). After copying these files from the CD ROM, I
opened the notepad and html and found a blank screen! The
file size of the text was shown as 30K, but the content
was not visible! Same thing with my html file when i
opened it in notepad. When I openned the html in IE, it
displayed nothing, again!!!
Help! What's going on!!!

Thanx in advance


P.S. I also have some problem with viewing Word files as
well. I know there is another forum for Word, but i would
appreciate if you can answer the question as well.

Rob Schneider

Puzzling. To where on the XP machine did you copy these files? Into a
folder where you have ownership and full permissions? By chance are
these files still "read-only" (since you copied from a CD on which they
would have been set "read-only").

There is no file conversion going on here, or at least should not be.
Files are files. They aren't really converted (except at very low level
in the operating system which you shouldn't worry about).

It is also puzzling why if permissions or read-only was the issue, then
you didn't get an error message about that when opening the files.
Frankly, it makes no sense to open files and then display nothing...


it seems to be a hardware compatibility problem and there is nothing to
do with file conversion.
ssg MS-MVP


Thanx for replying.
I checked the files' properties and they have READ-ONLY
attribute checked off. To be sure, i checked off the READ-
ONLY field for the whole directory where the files are.
As for permission, how do i find out??? If i have no
permission in the directory, should i be allowed to copy
them into it?


Rob Schneider

That's why I don't really (and I think I mentioned this) it's
permissions, but had to ask anyway. Like I said, it makes no sense for
how you can apparently open the files and they are empty.

Normally files can be opened or not. If they can't be opened it's
because of permissions or because they are corrupted.

Something is interfering with the standard processes here. I don't know




THis is a really off beat guess, and may not apply in your case, but may be
worth a try, I saw it once.
See if you can select and highlight 'space 'in the files in wordpad. Do
format>font and check if the font colour hasnt changed to white, if its has,
chnage it to black. Like I say, probably isnt the answer but might be worth
a try it will only take 30 seconds.

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