File explorer hangs for many seconds when right-click, or ctrl-c, or double-click



Some config details: XP Media Center, latest windows updates, Using workgroup (not part of a domain), ethernet and wi-fi

When I right-click, double-click, ctrl-c, etc. a file in file explorer, I get an hour glass cursor, and explorer hangs for many seconds. I also noticed that when this happens, the system-tray networking icon shows activity. So, I ran Port Explorer. It looks like my computer is trying to access port 445 on another one of my computers, but that computer is turned off, so it waits to timeout

I searched around the Internet and found that port 445 is related to Msft Directory Services and NetBIOS. If I disable "NetBIOS over TCP/IP", the problem goes away, but then I can't access some of the computers on the network

I have latest virus check updates, and have run adaware and spybot checking; all seems to be well

Does anyone know why my computer would ensist on accessing another computer every time I right-click on a file in file explorer

PS I've been trying for weeks to get rid of this most annoying problem



Thanks roger. Unfortunately, that isn't the problem I'm having :( I already have my transition effects disabled

I'm convinced it has something to do with the "Computer Browser" service and/or NetBIOS over TCP/IP. If I disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP the problem goes away. The most annoying thing is: why does file explorer have to do whatever it's doing every time I do something as simple as right-click on a file. It does the same thing if I use ctrl-c to copy a file (but I don't think it does if I just drag and copy) It does the same thing if I use shift-delete to delete files. And, it does the same thing if I double-click a file to launch it

Maybe I should post this question again during the week, instead of on the weekend :


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