File concatenation and splitting "in place"

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Gregory M. Wellbrook

I am using an application that concatenates thousands of binary files and
then later splits them by doing block copy operations out of the
concatenated files. Performance is atrocious when dealing with large
amounts of data i.e. approx. 15 GB.
I am looking for C or C++ source code examples that I could use as reference
for modifying the application to perform the above operations without the
block copy. What I have in mind is updating file pointer, file name, file
length information, etc. to split the file without copying the data.
This will need to operate under Windows 2000 professional SP4 NTFS. If
there are compelling reasons, I could operate in FAT32.
Any help would be appreciated.
If this posting is inappropratiate for this group, I apologize and would
welcome suggestions as to where I should be looking...
Thanks to all in advance...

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