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Diamontina Cocktail

Hi all,

I had Xp Pro and could file and printer share just fine after adding the
ports to the firewall to allow it.

Since going to Vista on this machine which has a HP printer connected to it
via USB, I can see the other machines from this one and enter the shares and
play around with the files. Those other machines have XP Home on them or
Pro. However, no XP machine can see the Vista shares though the Vista
machine itself is acknowledged on the network via its name. It just cannot
be accessed at all and neither can printing. I have shared all the devices,
printers, network and so on all to no avail. I have scoured Google and found
the tips relate to RC1 of Vista and don't seem to apply to my Vista which is
Business Upgrade edition.

I have no domain and am not connected to one, have static IP addresses, can
see the vista machine from the XP machines but cant access anything on the
Vista machine from them.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


I have the exact same problem, and after spending an hour on the phone with
Gateway, I was informed that they don't deal with networking problems. Does
anyone have a solution to this?? I can access XP's computers, they can't
access my!!



Diamontina Cocktail

Thanks for all that but no that didn't help and none of the links I have
followed helped any.

I did solve it, though. I had Zone Alarm Pro installed, had let it lapse
while still on XP and decided to stop it starting with Windows and promptly
forgot about it. Then, when Vista came out, I upgraded to that. Vista would
see and work with any XP machine but the XP machines would only see and not
work with the Vista machine. I eventually remembered I had ZA Pro installed
and attempted to uninstall it - something that is really hard because it
doesn't work right. You have to start the uninstall and keep an eye on the
vsmon processes that start, kill slowly and in the correct order and when
you do, the uninstall then works fine and gets rid of ZA Pro from your
machine. Once that happens, the networking then works the way you want it to

The upshot is that if you have ZA Pro installed even though it isn't started
with Windows it *IS* stopping normal networking.

Diamontina Cocktail

Got any third party firewall installed? I had to uninstall Zone Alarm Pro
(hard to do) and when I got it off the machine, networking all worked again.
If you have a third party installed, get rid of it and try again.

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