File and folder permissions



I am attempting to migrate a user from a Windows 2000 domain to a newly
created Windows 2003 domain in a new forest. The account migrates
successfully and the SID is copied according to the log but when I log on as
that user the file and folder permissions do not reflect the new domain, they
still have his old domain user account in the permissions and not the new
domain user account. This forces me to add the permissions manually. Any
ideas on what I am doing incorrectly?




That is correct. Just because you've migrated sIDHistory, doesn't mean the
files and folders are auto-ACL'd. SID History enabled your users to access
files and folders that the old object can access, as the old SIDs are built
into the new users access token.

SID History is designed to be a temporary measure, and you should endeavour
to re-ACL folders and files once you are happy the migration is successfully


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