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Setup: Windows 2000 Professional, Outlook 2002, Lanier LF416 network fax

Problem: We are implementing a fax back program that will automatically fax
back documents to a caller on our voice response unit (VRU). We need to be
able to create a fax in Outlook 2002 and send it to the network aware
printer on our LAN for transmission.

How would I direct an e-mail/fax to a network fax machine. Is it possible?
Or will we need to purchase a 3rd party fax software to accomplish this

I don't know if it is worth to note, but we can click File/Print and then
send documents to the Lanier fax machines for transmission. It is doing it
from Outlook without having to use the File/Print option that is throwing
me. The software vendor that is developing the VRU says that there should
be no problem faxing from Outlook to the network fax machines.

Well.....I'm finding that easier said than done.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Lincoln J. Cascio
Director of Information Services
Hewitt, Coleman & Associates, Inc.



Hal Hostetler [MVP-S/U]

This scenario doesn't use the Fax system at all, it prints to a network
printer that sends Faxes. As such, Outlook may not be the best application
for the job. In fact, this looks more like a job for the operating system
and whatever application the documents to be Faxed were authored with. The
VRU software should understand printing files; as long as the Lanier appears
as a Windows printer device, the scenario would be something on the order

VRU software selects the appropriate document and does a "File/Print".
Operating system launches the print routine from the authoring application -
Word, for example.
The authoring application prints the document to the Lanier which sends a
Fax instead of a printing pages.

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Raghavendra R [MSFT]

Someone must provide the software, it cannot work automatically. Windows
2000 in built Fax support does NOT support your scenario.

Alternatively you can deploy Windows Shared Fax Server that comes with
Windows Server 2003. In this case you users can send Faxes using Outlook
with the help of Windows Fax Outlook Extension. Let us know if you have any
more questions.

Raghavendra R
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team
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