fax signal output?



i use standard dial-up to connect to internet. i have one phone line at home.
when i plug my desktop computer into wall jack - computer disconnected to
internet-incoming callers hear a fax signal. the phone company claims it is a
problem with computer. the ISP says the same thing. when i use my laptop to
the same connector, all is well. i don't have a fax modem in my desktop, only
a 56K modem and i have checked all ports and device settings. all are working
properly. i don't have a fax machine connected to this line. it seems that
there is a setting or something in the computer that i'm missing to turn off
this fax signal that picks up when there are incoming calls. any suggestions
would be appreciated. tia, ej.




Check this: Click Start, Programs (All Programs), Accessories,
Communications, Fax, Fax Console. When the console opens click on tools,
configure Fax. When the wizard opens click on next. Click next again (if it
refuses to go to the next screen type in any information then next), Turn
off the check marks for Enable Send and Enable Receive. Keep clicking next
until the wizard is finished. Should turn off your fax receive.

Hope this helps to solve your problem.

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