Fax Monitor doesn't activate on one user account


Richard Schreiber

Have two user accounts set up under Windows XP Home(both
w/ admin rights). On one the fax monitor works fine,
ringing is heard whenever there is an incoming call, and
call progress can be monitored. When received in the
other account, the monitor doesn't activate when the call
comes in and no ringing can be heard. However the fax is
received fine.

I have checked over the fax config from both accounts and
I can find no differences. Sounds have the same settings.

Any ideas? BTW, we are using the fax software provided w/
XP - no 3rd party software involved.

The good news is that faxes are received just fine!

Hal Hostetler [MVP DTS]

A number of standard update and repair procedures disabled the Fax Monitor
in the initial release of Windows XP. These problems were fixed in Service
Pack 1. Make sure you apply SP1 or the update from the following article:

You Cannot Preview a Fax in the Fax Console

These may also apply:

Microsoft Fax Monitor does not function properly after installing Norton
Internet Security
Error: "Rule Default Block Netspy Trojan Horse Matched" when you start the

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