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jim g

I have an XP machine that is confiured with the fax
console app along with an HP Fax model 920. I am able to
send faxes without a problem, however every other fax
received results in an error. The error reads, "An
attempt to receive a fax has failed." I have the fax
console program answering all incoming calls on the 1st
ring and the HP Fax on the 3rd ring. The call is
answered by the fax console program, but then randomly
has errors receiving. Have I configured something
incorrectly or is this an HP Fax problem?


Archan Das [MSFT]

Can you check in the event viewer (eventvwr in the application as well as
system tab) and see what error is listed there? Also check if your modem is
XP Fax compatible as listed in

Archan Das

Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team

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