Favorites moved from profile to c:\windows\favorites (NOT ON PURPOSE)



I would have chalked this up to a user messing something up, but I have
had two PCs on my network suddenly have the favorites move from
underneath the user profile to c:\windows\favorites. This is an issue
because on the machines, multiple users share the PC, so they are now
sharing favorites.

I find it strange that it happened since there isn't a "Favorites"
folder under c:\windows by default in the XP install.

The two PCs don't really have that much in common otherwise. One has
SP2 and the other doesn't. They both had this problem happen at the
same time, but I don't believe any patches have been installed for
about 3 weeks.

I changed the favorites in the registry back to the profile, but the
next day, it was back in the C:\Windows folder again.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ramesh, MS-MVP


In which registry key have you changed the Favorites path? There are two,
and only one needs to be modified.


I searched the registry and changed all of the ones that I saw were
incorrect. Is this wrong? Which ones specifically should I change?

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